Small Batch Feed

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Our Small Batch Feed combines roasted soybeans and corn to enhance digestibility and maximize nutrient absorption. Through controlled roasting, complex carbohydrates in corn are converted into easily digestible sugars, reducing digestive strain and ensuring efficient energy utilization for deer. In soybeans, our specialized roasting method effectively neutralizes anti-nutritional factors like urease enzymes and trypsin inhibitors, while preserving essential proteins, fats, and amino acids vital for deer growth and health. 

This results in a feed that not only meets but exceeds the dietary requirements of whitetail deer, promoting robust antler growth and health. With our small batch approach, we guarantee consistency and nutritional excellence, supporting the long-term well-being and performance of whitetail deer in their natural habitats.

Product: 20lb bag

Size: 1 Bag - $30.00

23% Protein

11% crude fat | 6% Crude Fiber

Roasted Soybeans and Corn

Why We Roast

Roasting soybeans and corn for whitetail deer optimizes nutrient availability, improves digestibility, and reduces the presence of anti-nutritional factors, all of which contribute to better overall health and performance in deer consuming these grains.

Small Batch Feed

the difference?

Roasting soybeans effectively neutralizes undesirable urease enzymes and trypsin inhibitors, facilitating enhanced digestibility of proteins, fats, and amino acids in whitetail deer. This process involves carefully controlled time and temperature parameters to optimize nutrient availability without compromising nutritional integrity. By mitigating these anti-nutritional factors, roasted soybeans provide a more bioavailable source of essential nutrients critical for metabolic functions, growth, and overall health in deer populations.

Similarly, roasting corn converts complex starches into easily digestible sugars, thereby reducing the risk of acidosis in ruminants like whitetail deer. Acidosis, stemming from excessive consumption of raw starches, can disrupt feeding patterns and compromise nutrient utilization (causes bloating and keeps them from feeding on nutritional grains). The thermal treatment of corn enhances the digestibility and nutrient absorption in human and animal diets, ensuring that the protein, energy, and mineral content remains efficiently accessible to deer.

If a deer eats a soybean, they get roughly 30% of the nutrients. If you roast your grain, they are getting 100% of the nutrients because of the neutralization of enzymes and trypsin inhibitors.

100% All-Natural Soybeans and Corn

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