Here's our story.

Our Story

What began in 1931, serving the farming communities of Iowa, Agriland FS was built with the focus on doing right by the land and those who built their life on it. The history, knowledge and resources have taken us to the next steps in producing products for the animal we all cherish, the whitetail deer.

At Rolling Hills, we are more than just a food plot seed company; we are the guardians of a legacy rooted in a profound passion for the land and the majestic whitetail deer. Our journey began with a shared vision among dedicated agronomists and wildlife experts who saw an opportunity to elevate the stewardship of whitetail habitats to new heights. Driven by a love for the outdoors and a deep rooted respect for nature's delicate balance, we set out to create the most advanced seeds, feeds, and minerals tailored specifically for the whitetail deer.

Every product we develop is a testament to our commitment to quality, forged through the expertise of our 50+ on-staff agronomists and wildlife specialists. Our team works tirelessly, harnessing cutting-edge research and innovative practices to ensure that our products not only meet but exceed the highest standards of excellence.

We believe in the power of the land to nourish and sustain, and we are dedicated to enhancing its natural bounty for future generations. Our purpose is clear: to provide the tools and knowledge that empower landowners and hunters to cultivate thriving habitats, ensuring that the whitetail deer continue to flourish in their natural environments.

At Rolling Hills, we are stewards of the land and champions of the whitetail deer. Our mission is to honor and enhance the bond between nature and those who cherish it, fostering a legacy of stewardship, sustainability, and unparalleled dedication to the wild. Join us in our quest to nurture the land and its inhabitants, one seed, feed bag and mineral site, at a time.