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Our WINTERGREEN blend is our most diverse brassica variety, including kale, rapeseed, and turnips. Chosen by our agronomists to provide high palatability combined with impressive tonnage, for a preferred food source from late summer into the depths of winter. Treated with our ESSENTIAL® HYDRO-HOLD with NUTRIENT BOOST coating, helping ensure early germination in drier conditions and a healthier seedling to make your plot a successful deer magnet.

Guaranteed Analysis: 16.46% Trophy Annual Rape, 16.46% Dwarf Siberian Kale, 16.42% Purple Top Turnips, 16.37% Daikon Forage Radish*, 0.05% Other Crop Seeds, 34.19% Inert Matter (Includes 34% Coating Material, 0.05% Weed Seeds

Coverage: 1/2 Acre (4 lbs.)


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What's in the bag?

A premium blend of kale, rapeseed and turnips

Seed Type

Annual seed blend


A proprietary seed coating designed to lock in moisture normally lost to evaporation and release it back to the seed during the germination process.

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